2016 Policy Dialogue on Energy for Sustainable Development

25 Apr 2016 to 27 Apr 2016
Bangkok, Thailand

Building upon mandates and 2013 and 2014 Policy Dialogue proceedings, the secretariat will organize the 2016 Policy Dialogue with the following objectives:

1. Identify driving forces that may shape the energy agenda for the coming years. Increase understanding of the underlying issues relevant to energy security and the sustainable use of energy by exchanging views on possible implications of continued low energy prices for sustainable development. And strengthen linkages between the implementation of the APEF Plan of Action and other initiatives and frameworks, in particular the recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within the framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and the Paris Agreement.

2. Recommend approaches to and strategies for the organization of the First Committee on Energy, planned in late 2016. The Committee will focus on enhancing energy security and promoting the sustainable use of energy in Asia and the Pacific. Energy connectivity and use, in the context of regional economic cooperation will be considered.

3. Review the secretariat’s efforts towards meeting the mandate provided by member States in the following areas:

(a) Regional energy issues and trends, which includes: Energy connectivity and transboundary power trade; Access to energy services; Exchange of views on policy options and regional cooperation frameworks to accelerate the implementation of the APEF Plan of Action; and Identification of focus areas for the 2017 Regional Trends Report.

(b) Approach towards the mid-term review of implementation of the APEF outcomes.

(c) Development of the Asia Pacific Energy Portal (www.asiapacificenergy.org), including: New features on data visualization including Sankey diagrams; Infrastructure development mapping; and Policy mapping.

4. Synergize collaboration with G20 Initiative on Sustainable energy: discussion with G20 representatives to identify possible interventions by the G20 in supporting ESCAP member States in promoting the implementation of the SDG-7.

The organization of the Policy Dialogue, as an annual event, is a direct response to ESCAP Resolution 70/9, implementation of the outcome of the first Asian and Pacific Energy Forum (APEF), held in Vladivostok in 2013. Through various sessions during the three-day programme, the Policy Dialogue will provide an opportunity for member States to build on the outcomes of the 2013 and 2014 Policy Dialogues, as well as the APEF, and to network with interested international development partners. At the 2016 Policy Dialogue, it is also expected that member States will provide further guidance to the secretariat in making the APEF Energy Data & Policy Information Portal and the Regional Trends Report even more relevant to facilitate the implementation of the outcomes of the APEF.