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Climate Conscious Cities: Urban-Act Webinar Series


The Urban-Act Webinar Series will strengthen the Urban-Act project’s regional, national, and city-level knowledge sharing and learning approach. Through twelve structured monthly webinars, with expert presentations and interactive components, Urban-Act project partners and external participants will have the opportunity to contribute to dialogue and increase practical knowledge of low-carbon and climate-sensitive urban development. 

Leveraging the expertise of partners across the Urban-Act project, the webinar series is a timely opportunity to bring together diverse and relevant perspectives from organizations, institutions, and experts from within and outside the project. This will increase the relevance and breadth of knowledge delivered within each webinar and provide the opportunity for project partners to build new knowledge and relationships. 

The webinar series will have a key role in building the communicative and knowledge interface between the Urban-Act project and external stakeholders and audiences. Through engaging external experts that communicate and raise awareness of key topical and emerging issues on climate action for low-carbon and resilient cities, Urban-Act partners and pilot countries and cities will have the opportunity to reflect upon their learnings and actions implemented throughout the Urban-Act project. 

The webinar series will also serve as an important tool to promote and communicate best practices and outcomes from the Urban-Act project to a wider audience. 

In consultation with partners, the webinar series will comprise not just topics relevant to integrated low-carbon and climate sensitive urban development, but new and emerging action-oriented methodologies, perspectives, resources and ideas that serve as a catalyst for participants to reflect upon, innovate and improve their own practice. Methods to enhance interaction between presenters and participants will be explored. 

ESCAP and partners will identify synergies with relevant events and activities, both regionally (such as the ESCAP Committee on Environment and Development in October 2024) and globally (such as World Urban Forum 12 in November 2024 or COP29 in November 2024) that could provide expected benefit to the webinar series.


Key Objectives

The key objectives of the webinar series are to: 

  • Increase the understanding and knowledge of participants to build integrated climate action for low-carbon and resilient cities.
  • Communicate and raise awareness of key innovations and emerging topics on action for low-carbon and resilient cities.
  • Build and enhance partnerships between the Urban-Act project and with relevant organizations, institutions, and experts outside the Urban-Act project partners.
  • Showcase best practices, learnings, and innovations from the Urban-Act project to a wider audience, enhancing the profile of the Urban-Act project.


Target Audience

The primary target audience of the webinar series is Urban-Act partners and country partners, including local, regional, and national government officials. The webinar series will also be open to the public, with a secondary focus on attendees from relevant local, regional, and national governments, United Nations agencies, research and knowledge institutions, international organizations, and other relevant stakeholders from the Asia-Pacific and beyond. 


Structure and Dates of Webinars

Twelve webinars will be delivered in 2024. Webinars will be held on Zoom on the last Wednesday of every month. However, webinars in November and December will be scheduled to maximise attendance during this period of anticipated higher disruption. Each webinar will last for one hour. 

To maximize the webinar series’ effectiveness, flexible and innovative methods to balance knowledge dissemination and audience interaction will be explored. Webinars will be conducted in English.