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Registration and Participant Management

Registration_Physical Distancing


Registration is at the heart of meetings and events. It is how event organisers secure their meeting participants and thus how you secure the achievement of your event. In addition, registration acts as the first impression your participants will have about your event and may impact their event satisfaction. Whether you decide to go for a virtual, hybrid, or on-site meeting, our registration team will ensure that your event registration process is as efficient and user-friendly as possible.  

The Events Portal is an online web-based registration to manage meeting participants of conferences and meetings held at UNCC. Upon the event organiser’s request, we will create a meeting registration link in the Events Portal for the event organisers to share with their meeting participants. Participants have to create an account in the Events Portal with their email address and register to the invited event. 

The event organiser should designate a focal point, to screen and control the list of registered participants. The list of online registered participants will be compiled and uploaded to our “PassagePoint” registration system in order to issue the meeting badges for on-site participants. Participants are requested to wear their meeting badges at all time for identification and security reasons. The report list of registered participants will be generated and sent to the event organiser. 



Participant Management  

Effective participant management will let you keep information on anyone that you want to keep track of for your events. Participants encompass all types of people who will attend your event, such as presenters, panelists, moderators, keynote speakers, supplier staff and meeting participants. Our participant management services will help secure number of participants and build event satisfaction among attendees, these event essentials can help any event organiser succeed and increase attendance for your events to come.