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Interpretation System and Services

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Simultaneous interpretation is a mode of interpreting performed while a speaker is speaking without disrupting the original flow of delivery. Simultaneous interpreting is used at the United Nations, international organization, presidential speeches, courtrooms, business or board meetings, large scale conferences, lectures, and presentations. This type of interpreting usually requires simultaneous interpretation equipment. 


UNCC offers five conference rooms equipped with the Conference Management and Simultaneous Interpretation (CMSI) System, which comply with ISO standard, with a flexibility in integration to cloud-based remote simultaneous interpretation platform. We also offer the portable interpreter booths for meeting rooms. The portable booth is equipped with interpreter console which provide individual workstation containing controls for listening and speaking for interpreter. 


Looking for a professional interpretation service for your event? We have contacts of the UN standard interpreters which enable you to rest at ease. With our remote simultaneous interpretation technology and services, your interpreters can work from anywhere, anytime. Your participants can enjoy real-time interpreting in their chosen language. Our professional conference service team ensures the seamless deployment of all aspects of your interpretation needs, from planning to execution.