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Event Planning and Coordination

The United Nations Conference Centre (UNCC) is managed and operated by Conference Management Unit (CMU). Event organizers will be able to utilize the UNCC state-of-the-art conference facilities with latest equipment and innovative technology, while also granted with comprehensive conference services.   



CMU provides full conference and meeting services to various event organizers ranging from UNs, IGOs, Government offices and Institutions. Our professional and experienced staff will be involved in the entire process of organizing an event staring from meticulous pre-event planning and coordination, arranging accommodation and transportation,  managing registration, executing in-session substantive and technical supports, overseeing catering services, setting up exhibition, and delivering other value-added related services. CMU also provides consultancy services which include assisting with agenda and programme structuring, reviewing scenario and sequence of event, applying best practices, suggesting solutions, and offering alternate options, so the event will run smoothly, efficiently, and sustainably.   



During the planning process, CMU will implement a series of discussion and preparatory meetings with event organizers to clarify every single detail so that no requirement is left unfulfilled. We will also conduct a walkthrough, rehearsal, dry run and test run if applicable, to ensure that everything is in place, and everyone is ready before the event starts. During the event, CMU will work closely with event organizers, and coordinate with other stakeholders and service providers to ensure that every aspect of the event is achieved according to the plan. We are also vigilant for any exceptional  circumstance and will adjust and discharge our operations accordingly.  



CMU has capabilities and diverse skills. Our team can accommodate your individual requirements and we will always exceed your expectations. As we understand the nature and complication of organizing an event, our service-oriented  staff are flexible and willing to respond to last minute request and change. With our determination and commitment, we put all efforts to making every event a success by considering it as our own ultimate outcome.