The World Water Development Report 2014: Water and Energy

The World Water Development Report 2014: Water and Energy

Friday, March 21, 2014

The World Water Development Report, or WWDR, is produced by the World Water Assessment Programme, a programme of UN-Water hosted by UNESCO, and is the result of the joint efforts of the UN agencies and entities which make up UN-Water, working in partnership with governments, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders.

The report was until 2012 a comprehensive, triennial report on the state, use and management of the world's water resources. After an detailed review and stakeholder surveys on the scope and purposes of the report, it was decided to make it an annual and more concise publication that is increasingly facts-based and has a more specific thematic focus.

The first edition of the annual report will address the theme "Water and Energy" in 2014 and will be launched during the main World Water Day celebrations in Tokyo, Japan on 21 March 2014.

Starting in 2014, the theme of the World Water Development Report and that of World Water Day will be harmonized in order to provide a deeper focus and in-depth analysis of a specific water-related issue every year.


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