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In the present document, the secretariat: (a) reviews experiences related to the
provision of water, sanitation, housing, energy and transport services for inclusive and
sustainable development; (b) highlights important achievements, including the progress
towards the Millennium Development Goals and the shift in development approaches by
several countries in the region towards green growth for more sustainable development; (c)
notes the difficulties in providing these services to everyone in an environmentally
sustainable and socially inclusive manner; (d) describes regional trends in the integration of
better provision of services into infrastructure development that have led to more
environmentally sustainable socio-economic development, as well as various related
regional, national and local initiatives; and (e) notes opportunities for synergy in the
provision of services of different sectors through, among other things, eco-city
development, and for providing rural areas with urban services. Finally, the secretariat calls
for increased efforts to build a regional consensus on the security of resources utilization,
with a view to improving the provision of services and drawing more political attention to
this area.

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