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List of documents/presentations on Topic (iii): Innovation (Joint Bangkok-Paris session) of the Management of Statistical Information Systems (MSIS 2013), Paris and Bangkok, 23-25 April 2013.

1 and 2 - Innovation at Statistics Netherlands
Prepared by Barteld Braaksma and Marleen Verbruggen, Statistics Netherlands, The Netherlands

3 and 4 - The concept of the new organization of statistical surveys, Poland
Prepared by Janusz Dygaszewicz, Central Statistical Office, Poland

5 and 6 - Applying Information Infrastructure to Business Transformation
Prepared by Stuart Girvan, Chris Conran, Simon Wall

7 and 8 - An efficient editing and imputation strategy within a corporate-wide data collection system at INE Spain: a pilot experience, Spain
Prepared by Rocío López-Ureña, María Mancebo, Silvia Rama, and David Salgado (National Statistical Institute, Spain)

9 and 10 KEY-from-IMAGE: A workaround for a not so ‘intelligent’ ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) functionality of Document Imaging Software, Philippines
Prepared by Gene V. Lorica and Jeffrey Ocaya, National Statistics Office, Philippines

11 and 12 - Using C-Cube to support ADB’s statistical work and facilitate the work of on-line communities
Prepared by Artur Andrysiak, Statistician, Economics and Research Department, Asian Development Bank

13 and 14 - Production of Official Statistics by Using Big Data, Republic of Korea
Prepared by Jeong-Im Ahn and Young-Ja Hwang, Statistics Korea, Republic of Korea