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Facilitation of international trade and transport involves many government agencies and authorities as well as public and private entities. Efficient and effective coordination among all relevant government agencies and authorities, and good collaboration between the public and private sectors are crucial for the formulation and implementation of facilitation measures.

The aim of the study is to provide: (i) global and regional overviews of activities undertaken with regard to the national trade and transport facilitation coordination; (ii) good practices in establishing new mechanisms and strengthening existing coordination mechanisms; and (iii) guidelines and recommendations for establishment or strengthening of national coordination mechanisms for trade and transport facilitation in the Asia-Pacific region.

Chapter 1 reviews the background to this study and the definitions and interactions of trade and transport facilitation. Chapter 2 summarizes the progress made by countries of the region in establishing national mechanisms to coordinate trade and transport facilitation. Chapter 3 and 4 provide the experiences of countries in other regions in coordinating trade and transport facilitation, and the relevant recommendations by international organizations respectively. Chapter 5 assesses the rationale and options in the establishment and strengthening of coordination mechanisms for facilitation of international trade and transport.

Based on the findings of the study, Chapter 6 presents recommendations for selected application by member countries in accordance with their national conditions.