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List of presentations from Session 5 (Making data meaningful - improving the use of gender statistics) of the Inter-regional workshop on good practices in gender statistics, Aguascalientes, Mexico, 5-7 November 2014.

1. Communication, Dissemination and Statistical Literacy of Users
It was prepared by Andres Vikat, Chief of the Social and Demographic Statistics Division, Statisitcs Division, UNECE

2. Dissemination of Gender Statistics in Georgia
It was prepared by Giorgi Kalakashvili, Social Statistics Division,National Statistics Office of Georgia

3. Dissemination and Communication of Gender Statistics: Republic of Moldova
It was prepared by Ala Negruta, NBS Focal Point on Gender Statistics, Head of the Social Services and Living Conditions Statistics Division, National Bureau of Statistics, Moldova

4. A Proposal for Developing A Gender Statistical Literacy Programme
It was prepared by Neda Jafar, Head, Statistical Policies and Coordination Unit, UNESCWA