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North-East Asia Development Cooperation Forum 2016
Session 1: China Roundtable – China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its contribution to sustainable development

- Kilaparti RAMAKRISHNA, Director, ESCAP-ENEA

- Song NAN, Director, Research Department of Silk Road Fund
- TIAN He, Advisor, New Development Bank
- ZHANG Chun (Deputy director of Institute of Foreign Policy, SIIS)
- Naohiro KITANO, Director, JICA Research Institute
- Heejin LEE, Professor, Yonsei University; KAIDEC president-elect (2017-2018)
- Andrey Vladimirovich SHELEPOV, Researcher, Center for International Institutions Research (CIIR)
- CHHET Kieth Rethy, Executive Director, Cambodia Development Resource Institute

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