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List of documents/ presentations on the Regional country experiences of the Meeting on the Management of Statistical Information Systems (MSIS 2013), Paris and Bangkok, 23-25 April 2013.

1 and 2 - "e-statistics" integrated information system
Prepared by Ms. Zhaidara Syzdykova, Head of information systems coordination division, Agency of Republic of Kazakhstan on Statistics

3 - Implementation of SDMX-based solutions to support data exchange (NIS/UNSD/DFID project on improving the collation, availability and dissemination of national development indicators, including MDGs)
Prepared by Panhara OUKCHAY, National Institute of Statistics, Ministry of Planning, Cambodia

4 and 5 - Consumer Price Indices, India
Prepared by D. K. Sinha, Director (PCL), Central Statistics Office, India

6 and 7 - Implementation of the Korea Statistical Business Process Model (KSBPM) in Statistics Korea
Prepared by Ki-bong Park and Yun-ra Choi, Statistics Korea, Republic of Korea