Presentations from UNNExT Workshop on Agricultural Trade Facilitation and Business Process Analysis in Bangladesh

Presentations from UNNExT Workshop on Agricultural Trade Facilitation and Business Process Analysis in Bangladesh

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Module 1: Introduction to Trade Facilitation in Agricultural Supply Chains
- Workshop Overview
- Overview of UNNExT and ESCAP trade facilitation work programme & available tools & guides
Ms. Maame Agyeben, Trade Facilitation Unit, ESCAP

1.1.Introduction of trade facilitation and paperless trade in the agrifood sector
Dr. Somnuk Keretho, Facilitator

1.2 Rules for cross border trade: The WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement
Dr. Somnuk Keretho, Facilitator

Module 2: Streamlining and Automating Procedures for Agrifood Trade
2.1 Promoting Mango Trade from Bangladesh to EU Mainstream Market
Dr. John Ryder, Chief Technical Advisor, FAO Bangladesh

2.2 Challenges and Opportunities for Agrifood Trade in Bangladesh
Mr. Mitul Saha, Assistant General Manager, Hortex Foundation

2.3 Ongoing Trade Facilitation Reform in Bangladesh and Implications for Trade in Agrifood Products
Mr. Md. Nasir Uddin, Senior Customs & Trade Facilitation Adviser, USAID BTFA

2.4 Key findings from Business Process Analysis studies in Bangladesh
Mr. Mohammad Farhad, Research Fellow, BFTI

2.5 Introduction to Traceability and Electronic Traceability Requirements for Agri-food Products
2.6 Streamlining and Automating Procedures for Agrifood Trade: Agriculture Single Window
Dr. Somnuk Keretho, Facilitator

3. Introduction to Business Process Analysis (BPA)
4. Defining the Scope of a BPA Project
5. Planning a BPA Project
6. Conducting Business Process Modeling
7. Conducting Business Process Analysis
8. Business Process Analysis and Trade Facilitation Measures
Dr. Somnuk Keretho, Facilitator


Bangladesh Agri-TF workshop Overview PresentationDownload
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