Presentations and Papers - 18 August 2015

Presentations and Papers - 18 August 2015

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Plenary session 1: Protection from unemployment in Asia and the Philippines. The breakout session 1 followed the plenary session. It provided opportunities for rich discussions by stakeholders on the proposal for the Philippines. The followings are topics discussed during the breakout session.

1) From the presentations on unemployment protection programs this morning, in your opinion, how would you rate the different types of unemployment protection programs as it pertains to the Philippines? (1= most effective; 4= least effective). Please explain your rationale for these ratings.
1. Mandatory Unemployment Insurance Schemes
2. Unemployment Savings Accounts
3. Severance Payment Programs
4. Non-Contributory unemployment protections schemes including Conditional Cash Transfers and Public Employment Programs (Public Works Programs and Employment Guarantee Programs)
5. Other - please specify the name of the program

2) What elements of a Mandatory Unemployment Insurance Program would you recommend to the Philippine government concerning:
 Coverage of workers
 Financing (workers/employers/government)
 Contribution rate
 Qualifying conditions - minimum amount of contributions; the need to register for employment; reasons for unemployment - voluntary or involuntary; other conditions such as availability
 UI benefit rate - including minimum/maximum
 UI benefit duration

3) If the Philippines government proceeds with a mandatory UI scheme, do you think Active Labor Market Policies (ALMPs) should be integrated into the UI program?
Explain your rationale. In your opinion, what types of ALMPs would be effective for the Philippines?


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