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These presentations are from the inter-regional Workshop on Energy Efficiency Investment Projects Pipeline (GEE21 BKK 2014). They form part of session 3: National Presentations and Dialogue on energy efficiency investment project proposals. Project developers/owners and government officials

- Mr. Ervin Shehaj, Albania National Agency of Natural Resources (AKBN)

Bosnia and Herzegovina:
- Mr. Vanja Curin, Dvokut pro

- Mr. Matija Vajdic, Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar

- Ms. Lucija Rakocevic, Consultant
- Mr. Blazo Vlaovic, Municipality of Bijelo Polje

- Mr. Damir Dakovic, University of Novi Sad

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia:
- Mr. Dejan Filiposki, Center for Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture Practices and Rural Development (CeProSARD)
- Mr. Aleksandar Dukovski, Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia