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South and South-West Asia Policy Brief Series No. 2, May 2013

International migration is a key factor behind the socio-economic development of South and South-West Asia (SSWA), one of the fastest growing subregions in the world. International migration has alleviated population pressures and unemployment while remittances from overseas migrants have helped reduce poverty. In 2011, South and South-West Asian countries received an estimated $90 billion in workers’ remittances, more than five times the $15 billion in official development assistance received over the same period. This brief synthesizes some of the key recommendations of the Situation Report on International Migration in South and South-West Asia, published by the Asia-Pacific RCM Thematic Working Group on International Migration including Human Trafficking, which is co-chaired by ESCAP and IOM. It also draws on additional recommendations from the South and South-West Asia Development Report 2012/13 issued by ESCAP South and South-West Asia Office.

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