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The national presentations on the Diagnostic Tool are from the workshop on Environment Statistics for East and North-East Asian countries, Incheon, Republic of Korea, 13-15 March 2017.

1. China – It was presented by Faqi Shi, Director of Division of Natural Resource and Environment Accounting, National Accounts Department, National Bureau of Statistics.
2. Hong Kong, China – It was presented by Oliva Or, Senior Statistician, Environmental Protection Department, HKSAR Government.
3. Mongolia – It was presented by Enkhzaya Dambiijantsan, Senior Statistician, Economic Statistics Department of The National Statistics Office; and Erdenetsetseg Sugar, Senior Officer Ministry of Environment and Tourism/MET.
4. Republic of Korea – It was presented by Insang Ryu, Assistant Director of Statistics Korea (KORSTAT).
5. Russian Federation – It was presented by Kristina Budnik, Consultant, National Accounts Department, Federal State Statistics Service (ROSSTAT).