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This publication provides comprehensive information on the overall development of international road transport in the region, information on the key issues in the facilitation of such transport, and recommended regional strategies for the removal of barriers impeding the development of international road transport. Chapter II outlines the definitions on the terms popularly used in connection with facilitation of international road transport and the key elements affecting the smooth flow and efficiency of international road transport. Chapter III introduces major legal instruments related to facilitation and provides analysis from a regional perspective, including international conventions, subregional agreements and bilateral agreements. Chapter IV summarizes the regional situation of key issues in international road transport and analyzes problems and possible solutions, such as traffic rights and permits, visas for drivers and the temporary importation of vehicles. Chapter V outlines the existing important approaches used for facilitation and key issues in their implementation. From the information and analysis of the above-mentioned Chapters, Chapter VI presents a regional strategic framework on facilitation of international road transport, as the most important conclusion and recommendation from this publication.

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