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This is the leaflet with a brief about upcoming new Module within the E-Learning Course on Water Security, which is aimed to share practical solutions to build sustainable and resilient water management systems and to foster awareness, engagement, demand and application of appropriate systems and technologies among policy makers, local authorities and community stakeholders. This e-learning training Module 1 is focusing on one aspect of enabling policies to promote wastewater management and sanitation in South–East Asia to support the water security in the region. This Module 1 is an e-version of the new publication of the Policy Guidance Manual on Wastewater Management and Sanitation, with a Special Emphasis on Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Systems (DEWATS) in South-East Asia, which was developed jointly by the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), ESCAP and UN-Habitat and will be released in May 2015. AIT Regional Resource Centre will facilitate the delivery of the training Module.

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