Latest News on the Framework Agreement

Latest News on the Framework Agreement

Wednesday, October 5, 2016
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Latest News on the Framework Agreement

27.12.2019 - PH accedes to UN treaty on paperless trade across Asia-Pacific (

09.09.2019 - Cambodia ready to implement UN agreement on paperless trade (

11.01.2018 - Azerbaijan joins Framework Agreement on Facilitation of Cross-border Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific (

23.11.2017 - Regional cooperation and integration benefits Asia and Pacific — Shamshad Akhtar (

29.08.2017 - Bangladesh, Cambodia, China sign new UN treaty to strengthen digital trade in Asia-Pacific (

29.08.2017 - Bangladesh on board UN paperless trade (

26.06.2017 - Paperless trade (

23.03.2017 - Asia-Pacific countries develop roadmap for first UN cross-border electronic trade treaty in the region

04.03.2017 - Bangladesh weighs ratifying paperless trade treaty (

20.01.2017 - Cross-border paperless trade (

20.10.2016 - Pan-Asian e-Commerce Alliance Supports New UN Treaty on Paperless Trade Facilitation (

17.10.2016 - Agreement on cross-border paperless trade in Asia and the Pacific may simplify trade of Eurasian Economic Union members with other countries in the region (

06.10.2016 - UNCITRAL Convention a key to full implementation of the framework agreement to facilitate cross-border paperless trade in Asia-Pacific (

04.10.2016 - New UN treaty to facilitate paperless trade in Asia and the Pacific to support WTO TFA implementation (

01.10.2016 - First regional agreement to enable cross-border electronic trade in Asia-Pacific opens for signature at UN headquarters (