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These guidelines were developed as a result of ESCAP's initiative to implement participatory planning of rural infrastructure in Lao People's Democratic Republic. This poverty alleviation initiative aimed to heighten the capacity of institutions at the village and district level to participate actively in the planning, operation and maintenance of local and other infrastructure. In addition to providing the background and framework for ESCAP's action plan in Lao People's Democratic Republic, the publication also explores the themes of supportive policy environments, good governance, integration of the participatory process in the overall planning system as prerequisites for effective partnerships and successful participatory approaches. This publication is intended to guide the ESCAP member countries in the systematic planning of rural infrastructure by creating effective partnerships and adopting participatory approaches. The publication was reviewed at the policy -level "Regional Seminar-cum-Cluster Country Meeting on Participatory Planning of Rural Infrastructure" held in New Delhi, India, 5 to 8 May 1998.

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