Emerging and persistent issues in energy security

Emerging and persistent issues in energy security

Friday, September 30, 2011

Energy issues remain high on the agenda for energy and development policymakers in the Asia-Pacific region with respect to implications of the external shocks, including the uncertainties from the global financial crisis, volatile oil price, natural disasters and others. At the sixty-fourth session of the Commission, in April 2008, the need for a paradigm shift towards a sustainable energy security path that
would enable developing a more resilient society against external shocks was discussed. Such a paradigm would be based on policies that value quality of growth responding strongly to sustainable development, rather than merely the quantity of growth.

In its resolution 67/2 of 19 May 2011 on promoting regional cooperation for enhanced energy security and the sustainable use of energy in Asia and the Pacific, the Commission requested the Executive Secretary, among other things, to convene, in 2013, the Asian and Pacific Energy Forum at the ministerial level to discuss the progress achieved in the Asia-Pacific region in addressing the energy security challenges at the regional, national and household levels, and to facilitate continuous dialogue among member States with a view to enhancing energy security and working towards sustainable development.

The present document outlines some of the key issues that could be addressed to make the Asia-Pacific region energy-secure in the context of sustainable development. The Committee may wish to deliberate on these issues and provide the secretariat with guidance on the direction of its future work towards the organization of the Asian and Pacific Energy Forum in 2013.


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