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The manufacturing sector has been one of the key economic growth drivers across Asia, which makes the region recognized as the manufacturing hub of the world. However, at the same time, it means that there are many sources discharging pollutants into the environmental medium(air, water, and land). In order to protect the environment and human health against those pollutants, most countries have environmental permitting regulations in place that impose legally-binding requirements on industrial activities with significant environmental impacts. Within this context and given the Republic of Korea’s (ROK) experience with rapid industrialization, the ROK offers a valuable case study in introducing and applying the new system for environmental control. This could be a useful reference for countries in the region facing similar pathways of industrialization like the ROK and seeking more advanced environmental control tools. This policy brief outlines the analysis of the ROK’s new strategy – Integrated Environment Management System, and provides recommendations based on lessons from the ROK’s experience. The purpose of this policy brief is to contribute knowledge tools on implementing effective policies for protecting the environment as a whole from industrial sectors.

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