Day 5 - Module 4: Expert Consultation & Action Plans

Day 5 - Module 4: Expert Consultation & Action Plans

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

5.1 Session 1: Russian Federation's initiatives regarding economic statistics technical cooperation.
The presentation was delivered by Ilya Matyushev, ROSSTAT (Russian only).

5.2 Session 2: Consultation sessions with experts on specific country issues. Expert Question and Answer Session: this session gave an opportunity to participants to raise questions and issues of specific interest in GDP compilation. Resource persons provided responses to questions and guided participants on how to deal with the specific issues. The questions were based on those raised in the country papers and all those raised during the training.

5.3 Session 3: Action Plan Development- issues Country Activity. Participants develop an action plan on the implementation of SNA 2008 and the expansion of GDP coverage. A set of guiding questions was given to participants to identify all key issues that are crucial to implementing the SNA 2008 and the overall coverage and quality of GDP. The objective of the action plans is to integrate the outcomes of this training workshop into periodic reviews of national plans for economic statistics development. The focus is on activities related to GDP compilation.

5.4 Introduction to project planning process (PPP) ,SMART objective and indicators. The presentation was given by Elena Nyanenkova-Lowry, ESCAP


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