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These are the presentations that were delivered during the second day of Financing Sources for Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) which took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 24-25 November 2015.

5. Mobilizing Resources from Institutional Investors
a) Infrastructure Debt Securities: the Case of Sukuk in Malaysia
b) Regional initiatives: the ASEAN Infrastructure Fund
c) Obstacles and solution to project bond funding in South-East Asia

6. Sharing Selected Country Experiences with PPP Projects Financing (Part II)
b) The experience of Thailand with PPP Projects Financing
c) The experience of Viet Nam with PPP Projects Financing
d) The experience of Laos with PPP Projects Financing

7. Boosting Infrastructure Financing through Risk Mitigation Instruments
a) Access to Risk Mitigation Instruments for Private Infrastructure Investment in Southeast Asia
b) The Experience of the Credit Guarantee & Investment Facility
c) Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund (IIGF)
d) The Role of Export Credit Agencies (ECA)