Background documents

Background documents

Monday, October 13, 2014

List of background documents of the Sub-regional Training Workshop on Changes in 2008 SNA Affecting GDP Compilation, Astana, Kazakhstan 30 June - 4 July 2014.

1. Handbook on Price and Volume Measures in National Accounts
>> The handbook was prepared by Eurostat.

2. Estimating rentals of dwelling services by the user cost approach in Serbia
>> This paper describes the estimation of dwelling services in the Republic of Serbia for 2003 -2006 by the user cost method.

3. Perpetual Inventory Method (Service lives, Discard patterns and Depreciation methods)
>> This document was prepared by Department of National Accounts, Statistics Netherlands

4. Working Paper No. 1. The “1-2” Survey: A data collection strategy for informal sector and informal employment statistics.
>> This document was prepared by ESCAP Statistics Division and United Nations Statistics Division/Department of Economic and Social Affairs


2.Estimating rentals of dwelling services by the user cost approach_SerbiaDownload