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The technical and economic viability of energy efficiency (EE) has become more pronounced as concerns about energy security, climate change and low carbon development intensify. Although the promotion of EE has long been identified as an effective policy tool to manage energy demand, active pursuit of EE still lags behind in many ESCAP countries. This gap can not only be attributed to programmatic, informational and financial barriers, but especially to the weakened capacity of national and regional institutions mandated to promote EE. This Report presents a review of the existing EE institutional arrangements in Central, South, and South-East Asia and includes a presentation of good practices and case studies of some national and international EE institutions.

The Report - produced as an output of an ESCAP- Korea Energy Management Corporation project titled “Strengthening Institutional Capacity to Support Energy Efficiency in Asian Countries” - is relevant to policymakers in understanding the institutional barriers and challenges that hinder the effective promotion and implementation of EE policy.

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