Manuals, guidelines, training materials


APTIR 2019 online annex: Data and methodology for assessing the impacts of non-tariff measures on trade and investment

14 Oct 2019

Environmental Change Through Participation

1 Jul 2019

The Gravity Model of International Trade: A User Guide (R version)

24 Jun 2019

Establishing Science and Technology Parks: A Reference Guidebook for Policymakers in Asia and the Pacific

10 Jun 2019

Introduction to using R for trade analysis

7 Jun 2019

Ocean Cities: Snapshot for Policy-makers

31 May 2019

Ocean Cities: Regional Policy Guide

31 May 2019

Guidelines for the Regulatory Frameworks of Intelligent Transport Systems in Asia and the Pacific

31 May 2019

The Urban Nexus: Integrating Resources for Sustainable Cities

23 May 2019

CSSTEAP Report on UN-ESCAP supported Participants in 2018-19

24 Apr 2019