Covers of past editions of the Regional Report on the State of the Environment in Asia and the Pacific

The report is the seventh in a series of regional reports published by UN ESCAP every five years since 1985 to provide an overview of environmental trends and emerging environment and development issues in Asia and the Pacific. The series serves as a key input to the UN ESCAP Ministerial Conference on Environment and Development (MCED) convened by UN ESCAP every five years to develop regional responses to address shared concerns. UN ESCAP develops the reports in collaboration with its partners and with inputs from a wide range of scientific and technical institutions, non-governmental organizations, and governments.

Previous Editions of the regional report

Many countries and sub-regional organizations/bodies in the region produce annual state of the environment reports - assessing environmental conditions, trends and regional responses. Responding to this development, the series has carved a comparative advantage by moving from a scientific towards a more thematic and policy-oriented publication as represented by the most recent edition of the report titled “Green Growth, Resources, and Resilience: Environmental Sustainability in Asia and the Pacific”. The report, produced jointly with the UN Environment Programme and Asian Development Bank, delivers an analytical investigation into the implications of resource efficiency trends in the region for resilience and economic growth and outlines key actions that governments can pursue to help bring economic growth strategies in closer alignment with sustainable development.