Asia-Pacific Population Journal, Volume 30, No. 1, June 2015

Journal23 Sep 2015

Published since 1986 by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), the Asia-Pacific Population Journal (APPJ) brings out high-quality, evidence-based and forward-looking articles on a wide range of population and development issues in Asia and the Pacific.

This issue of the Asia-Pacific Population Journal contains the following articles:

Early marriage as a risk factor for mistimed pregnancy among married adolescents in Bangladesh by Sigma Ainul and Sajeda Amin

Factors affecting delay in obtaining abortion among unmarried young women in three cities of China by Zuo Xiayun, Yu Chunyan, Lou Chaohua, Tu Xiaowen, Lian Qiguo and Wang Ziliang

Contraceptive use and intentions among unmarried and married young women undergoing an abortion in Bihar and Jharkhand, India by A.J. Francis Zavier and Shireen J. Jejeebhoy

Unintended pregnancies and prenatal, delivery and postnatal outcomes among young women in the Philippines by Maria Paz N. Marquez

Unintended pregnancy among Iranian young women: incidence, correlates and outcomes by Arash Rashidian and Meimanat Hosseini