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Asian Highway Database

Asian Highway Network in Member Countries

Country Section
AH Data
Status of
(Year) *
Afghanistan Excel 2015
Armenia Excel 2013
Azerbaijan Excel 2019
Bangladesh Excel 2017
Bhutan Excel 2017
Cambodia Excel 2017
China Excel 2015
Democratic People's Republic of Korea Excel 2008
Georgia Excel 2017
India Excel 2019
Indonesia Excel 2010
Islamic Republic of Iran Excel 2019
Japan Excel 2019
Kazakhstan Excel 2010
Kyrgyzstan Excel 2010
Lao People's Democratic Republic Excel 2010
Malaysia Excel 2010
Mongolia Excel 2017
Myanmar Excel 2019
Nepal Excel 2013
Pakistan Excel 2015
Philippines Excel 2019
Republic of Korea Excel 2017
Russian Federation Excel 2021
Singapore Excel 2015
Sri Lanka Excel 2019
Tajikistan Excel 2015
Thailand Excel 2017
Turkey Excel 2021
Turkmenistan Excel 2008
Uzbekistan Excel 2008
Viet Nam Excel 2019

* The year data received by the Secretariat. ** Article 4 of the Intergovernmental Agreement on the Asian Highway (AH) Network requires that AH network routes should be indicated by means of the route sign described in annex III to the Agreement. Furthermore, route signs confirming to that described in annex III to the Agreement should be placed on all routes of the AH network within five years from the date of entry into force of the Agreement for the State concerned. Please Note : This information is currently being updated. While this process is occuring, there may be some discrepancies between the overall summary provided in this folder and the information in the detailed spreadsheets.