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Asia-Pacific Stats Café Series: Concluded events 2022

2022 Asia-Pacific Stats Café Series Date Website Video:
22/2022 7th International Conference on Big Data and Data Science for Official Statistics: Key takeaways and ways forward 28 Nov. Link Watch
21/2022 Measuring economic loss from disasters, 21 Nov. Link Watch
20/2022 Developing Statistical Recommendations on Statelessness: Launching a Global Consultation 24 Oct. Link Watch
19/2022 Measuring Consumption Then and Now -- 20 Years since Deaton and Zaidi 10 Oct. Link Watch
18/2022 Progress on Estimating Illicit Financial Flows – Lessons from the Asia-Pacific Region 26 Sep. Link Watch
17/2022 Up-taking data use and increasing statistical literacy in the Pacific 12 Sep. Link Watch
16/2022 2022 Asia and the Pacific Regional Trends on Forced Displacement 18 Jul. Link Watch
15/2022 Labour Accounts: Holding labour market data to account 20 Jun. Link Watch
14/2022 SEEA for Climate Change: Why and How? 13 Jun. Link Watch
13/2022 Mainstreaming Gender in Official Statistics: Practical Insights 7 Jun. Link Watch
12/2022 Celebrating Two-Year of Stats Café series 30 May Link Watch
11/2022 Making Civil Registration More User-Friendly in Asia and the Pacific 16 May Link Watch
10/2022 Unlocking the Value of Data for All 9 May Link Watch
9/2022 Minding the data gap on children on the move in ESCAP countries 5 May Link Watch
8/2022 Excess mortality and the importance of data in the fight against COVID-19 20 Apr. Link Watch
7/2022 Demand-driven data planning tools 11 Apr. Link Watch
6/2022 Emerging Trend – The use of administrative data in Asia-Pacific censuses 4 Apr. Link Watch
5/2022 Estimating completeness of vital events: Launch of the Guidelines 28 Mar. Link Watch
4/2022 The compilation of Input and Output Tables and the applications in policy making 21 Mar. Link Watch
3/2022 Survey design: Are we asking what we think we're asking? 14 Mar. Link Watch
2/2022 Innovations in data dissemination in Asia-Pacific 21 Feb. Link Watch
1/2022 Women in Leadership in Official Statistics 7 Feb. Link Watch