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Asia-Pacific Stats Café Series: Concluded events 2021

No. Asia-Pacific Stats Café Series Date Website Video: Playlist
49 Geospatial Techniques for Mapping Population Exposure to Hazard – Launch of the QGIS Guide 18 Oct. Link Watch
48 Enhancing Data and Statistical Literacy for Policy Action 4 Oct. Link Watch
47 Alternative Tourism Indicators 27 Sep Link Watch
46 Bridging the Gap: Mapping Gender Data Availability in Asia and the Pacific 20 Sep. Link Watch
45 Big Data partnership models 30 Aug. Link Watch
44 Emerging issues in Economic Statistics - Digitalization 23 Aug. Link Watch
43 Big Data Governance 16 Aug. Link Watch
42 Harnessing Time-use Data for Evidence-based Policy and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development 9 Aug. Link Watch
41 Machine Learning for Sentiment Analysis 26 Jul. Link Watch
40 Building Sustainable Statistical Business Registers 14 Jun. Link Watch
39 How Can We Harmonize Official statistics in University Curriculum? 31 May Link Watch
38 Harnessing Civil Registration Records for Vital Statistics 24 May Link Watch
37 Measuring National SDG Progress 17 May Link Watch
36 Developing National Indicator Frameworks to address data needs for Inclusive Policies 6 May Link Watch
35 Showcase of Asia-Pacific achievements in data integration 19 Apr. Link Watch
34 Making Headways in Disaster-Related Statistics 12 Apr. Link Watch
33 Mobile phone data for official statistics – addressing data accessibility, privacy, and regulatory issues 5 Apr. Link Watch
32 Use of satellite data in statistical institutions 15 Mar. Link Watch
31 Indirect demographic methods for measuring completeness and coverage for low capacity countries 8 Mar. Link Watch
30 Weighting, estimation, and imputation in mixed-mode data collections 15 Feb. Link Watch
29 Using secondary sources to assess inequality in civil registration 8 Feb. Link Watch
28 Is COVID-19 introducing mode effects into your official statistics? 1 Feb. Link Watch
27 Qualitative Inequality Assessments for CRVS Systems 25 Jan. Link Watch
26 Statistics that Leave No One Behind: Inclusive Data Charter 13 Jan. Link Watch