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Asia-Pacific Stats Café Series: Concluded events 2020

2020. Asia-Pacific Stats Café Series Date Website Video: Playlist
25/2020 Rapid Mortality Surveillance 15 Dec. Link Watch
24/2020 Reaching Refugee Population through Official Statistics 8 Dec. Link Watch
23/2020 Improving economic indicators with big data 30 Nov. Link Watch
22/2020 The small BIG, Unlocking the power of administrative data 23 Nov. Link Watch
21/2020 Using Remote Sensing Data to Accelerate Global Development 16 Nov. Link Watch
20/2020 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Revelations from reviews of national statistical systems 9 Nov. Link Watch
19/2020 Social and demographic statistics meet big data 2 Nov. Link Watch
18/2020 Producing Population Statistics from Population Registers 27 Oct. Link Watch
17/2020 Connecting the world with data we can trust (World Statistics Day) 20 Oct. Link Watch
16/2020 Producing Environment Statistics Using Earth Observation Data 14 Oct. Link Watch
15/2020 Financing Statistical Development 5 Oct. Link Watch
14/2020 Estimating the size of illicit financial flows: Strengthening national capacity to monitor SDG target 16.4 22 Sep. Link Watch
13/2020 Data Integration 16 Sep. Link Watch
12/2020 50 years of Statistical Capacity-building by UN Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (SIAP):
Perspectives from Alumni Chief Statisticians
24 Aug. Link Watch
11/2020 The Prospect of Big Data for Official Statistics in Asia and the Pacific 17 Aug. Link Watch
10/2020 Accounting for Integrated Statistics and Analysis 10 Aug. Link Watch
09/2020 Human resource management to build statistical institutions 4 Aug. Link Watch
08/2020 Mapping Land Cover Change using Remote Sensing and GIS 29 Jul. Link Watch
07/2020 COVID-19 and Death Registration 23 Jul. Link Watch
06/2020 COVID-19 Data Portals 13 Jul. Link Watch
05/2020 Conducting a census during the COVID-19 pandemic: challenges and approaches 29 Jun. Link Watch
04/2020 Asia and the Pacific CRVS Systems’ Responses to the COVID-19 Crisis 22 Jun. Link Watch
03/2020 Rapid assessment surveys on the impact of COVID-19 8 Jun. Link Watch
02/2020 COVID-19 Impact on the Household Surveys 1 Jun. Link Watch
01/2020 Accessing and using subnational population estimates in Asia and the Pacific 27 May Link Watch