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EPiC Tool

EPiC tool

EPiC (Every Policy is Connected) is a tool that facilitates policy-data dialogue aiming to identify policy priorities as well as data needs. The tool integrates the four dimensions of development (Economic, Environmental, Institutional and Social) in every policy plan and develops a comprehensive indicator framework for policy monitoring.

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1. Introduction to EPiC Tool

2. EPiC: A high-level overview of using the platform

EPiC helps policymakers and data producers analyse complex policy content, identify the most vulnerable groups and their key issues, and develop a comprehensive indicator framework.
EPiC is a powerful tool yet easy to use. All this can be achieved by implementing four simple phases.

3. How to use EPiC: Phase 1 - The preparatory phase

Now that you have taken the first step and signed up to the EPiC tool, are you wondering how you can use it? Implementation of EPiC involves four phases. The first is the preparatory phase. In this phase, you need to review and prepare components that are essential and relevant to your policy analysis. These include core concepts, indicator sets, policy structure and outcomes.

4. How to use EPiC: Phase 2 - The integration phase

The second phase of EPiC is the integration phase. In this phase, you need to capture and contextualize key issues for action in your policy document by following 4 simple steps.

5. How to use EPiC: Phase 3 - Have the key issues in your policy been addressed?

Now that you have completed the integration phase it’s time to move on to phase 3. In this phase, you can assess how well the key issues in your policy document have been covered by reviewing the information entered into the EPiC tool via three key steps.

6. How to use EPiC: Phase 4 - Finalising the indicator framework

The fourth and final phase in the EPiC tool will allow you to fine-tune and finalize the indicator framework.
In this phase, you are required to review and refine the choice of indicators for each IA/CC combination.
You will also need to review and revise the target groups for disaggregation, where necessary.