Management of Natural Resources

11 July 2009: Chuncheon, Korea: Soyangkang multi-purpose dam, one of major dmas supplying electricity power to Seoul and its environs: 1.6 billion people — a quarter of humanity — live without electricity. Number of people living without electricity by region: South Asia 706 million, Sub-Saharan Africa 547 million, East Asia 224 million, Other 101 million.(UN Millennium Development Goals Report 2007) Photo Credit:Kibae Park/Sipa Press

The Asia-Pacific region consumes more than half of the world’s natural resources, with increasing rates of absolute and per capita use. The Environment and Development Division promotes environmental sustainability, with a focus on safeguarding natural resources, and promoting resource efficiency for land and ocean ecosystems. This is done by providing regular assessments of the State of Environment in Asia and the Pacific, strengthening the ability of governments to assess and access environmentally sustainable technologies, and providing support to Member States on integrated water management and water efficiency approaches and on leveraging impactful investments.