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Environment and Development

Cities for a Sustainable Future

City view of Daka

Sipa Press / Kibae Park

Asia-Pacific is home to more than 2.1 billion urban residents or 60 per cent of the world’s urban population. In recognizing the importance of sustainable, inclusive and livable cities for the region’s development, the Environment and Development Division supports Member States by facilitating regional dialogue and promoting sustainable and inclusive urban development through its programme of work. It facilitates implementation of the outcomes of the Asia-Pacific Urban Forum, and the New Urban Agenda of Habitat III by convening national and sub-national government and expert meetings. The Division enhances the capacities of small and growing cities for sustainable solid waste management, and facilitates the development of circular and resource efficient local economies, that strengthens intergovernmental processes and mandates, and fosters networks through collaborative frameworks. The Environment and Development Division also supports development of innovative climate financing instruments for financial institutions partnership with Climate Change Commissions, and legislature driving investments for low-carbon climate resilient development.