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Evidence-Based Policies for Sustainable Use of Energy in Asia and the Pacific : Pakistan

Pakistan’s energy sector faces multiple challenges on its way to sustainable energy, in particular energy planning and policy making that can be addressed through integration of advance evidence-based practices. The project was undertaken with the guidance of the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms (MoPDR), with support from the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) and expert contributions from a consultant from the Energy Research Institute, National Development and Reform Commission, China.

Local stakeholder consultations and an initial capacity needs assessment was conducted which identified Long-Range Energy Alternatives Planning as the most suitable model for Pakistan given its efficiency and ability to work with limited data. Two trainings were delivered to build capacities of Federal and Provincial energy planners in energy modelling using LEAP. The outputs of which informed a policy brief on the contribution of the energy sector to achieve Pakistan’s Nationally Determined Contributions.

Through sharing of best practices, international experience and lessons learned with involvement from both federal and provincial entities, the project undertakes an outlook on future energy demand with a view to integrate more quantifiable evidence into the energy sector outlook, policy and planning. The project will help understand the role of energy sector in addressing climate change within the framework of Pakistan’s NDC.

Reports and Other Materials:

  1. Study on Power Sector Transition Towards Pakistan’s Commitment in Paris Agreement
  2. Reform Priorities for Pakistan’s Energy Sector: Perspectives in the Backdrop of Paris Agreement
  3. Report based on Proceedings from the First Workshop at Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Pakistan in Collaboration with ESCAP and Ministry of Planning, Development & Reform

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Meeting of Mr. Zafar Hasan, Secretary, Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform and
Mr. Sayed Tahawar Hussain, Member (Energy), Planning Commission and ESCAP
in Islamabad, 30 January 2019.