Official Documents for the Committee on Environment and Development, First Session

3. Adoption of the agenda
3. Provisional agenda
3. Annotated provisional agenda
4. High-level Panel on Key Challenges, Opportunities and the Way Forward in the Area of Environment and Development
5. Trends and progress in the field of environment and development
5. (a) Integration of environmental sustainability in development policy
5. (b) Enhanced access to services towards socially inclusive and sustainable development: water, sanitation, energy, transport and housing
6. Programme planning and monitoring
6. (a) Review of the implementation of the programme of work for 2008-2009 and highlights of the proposed programme of work for 2010-2011
6. (b) Review of the draft strategic framework for 2012-2013
7. Consideration of draft resolutions, recommendations and decisions for submission to the Commission at its sixty-sixth session
8. Other matters
9. Adoption of the report