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SRO-ENEA - 30 Jun 2021

0630 ESCAP-GTI seminar group photo

The 2nd ESCAP-GTI Seminar on Transport Issues in North-East Asia was held virtually on 30 June 2021 with the theme focused on transport’s cross-sectoral linkages towards resilient connectivity. The Seminar, organized annually in conjunction with Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI) Transport Board meetings, provided a platform to jointly engage GTI sectoral bodies on transport and trade issues of common interests and present perspectives on areas of coordination on subregional connectivity involving transport and trade facilitation. GTI sectoral bodies also shared their insights on how cross-sectoral linkages on connectivity can be strengthened in North-East Asia through the GTI platform.


The broad-based engagement is timely following lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic when the need for closer cross-sectoral coordination was reinforced. Strengthening cross-sectoral linkages also align with the directions of expanding cooperation areas within the GTI platform. ESCAP works in partnership with GTI to promote sustainable economic development through regional cooperation and integration in line with the ESCAP-GTI Memorandum of Understanding.  


Seminar presentations and recording are available at:


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