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Bangkok - 29 Jun 2018

News Number: G/23/2018

Countries in the Asia-Pacific have been urged to establish and improve their national databases on agricultural mechanization, following a two-day regional workshop organized by the Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization (CSAM) of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), in collaboration with the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM).

Acknowledging opportunities provided by new data technologies, international and regional experts participating in the ‘Data-informed Policy-making for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)’ workshop from 28 to 29 June also recognized the importance of reliable and timely agricultural mechanization data for policy-making, research and development, and forecasting.

“A conducive policy environment is central to enabling achievement of the SDGs in the region. However, in order to produce effective results, the policy cycle needs to be informed by timely and reliable data,” said Dr. Yutong Li, Head of CSAM.

“Through this initiative, CSAM hopes to assist ESCAP member States in identifying the level of agricultural mechanization, facilitating technology innovation and enabling development of appropriate strategies in support of sustainable agricultural mechanization,” added Dr. Li.

Agricultural mechanization data can serve as a powerful tool to facilitate policy priorities, support investment decisions by the private sector and promote opportunities for fruitful partnerships between various stakeholders.

Participants at the workshop also reviewed the ‘Guideline for Development of a Regional Database on Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization in Asia and the Pacific’. Developed by CSAM, the document provides guidance to member countries in the collection of key indicators pertaining to agricultural mechanization.

The enhanced Guidelines will feed into CSAM’s advocacy for the establishment of a regional database to synergize country efforts and assist in the coordination of regional initiatives for achieving sustainable agricultural mechanization.

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