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Bangkok - 24 Apr 2024

Photo_CS80 ENEA Side Event

"Boosting SDG Accelerators through Innovation and Cooperation: Lessons and Opportunities for North-East Asia and the Asia-Pacific Region" was successfully co-organized by ESCAP, Mongolia, Republic of Korea, and Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat, as a side event of the 80th Commission Session. The event served as a dynamic platform for dialogue on accelerating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through innovative strategies and strengthened cooperation in the region. 

The roundtable session highlighted the essential role of digital innovation in catalysing the progress of SDGs across Asia-Pacific, examining both opportunities and challenges in aligning digital advancements with SDG targets. The discussion emphasized the necessity for cross-sectoral collaboration and regional partnerships as the key drivers in this endeavour. Panellists also addressed the potential challenges posed by the digital divide and data biases in innovative technologies, advocating for more localized and integrated digital strategies across the Asia-Pacific to enhance sustainable development. Furthermore, the need for enhanced cooperation among the member States of North-East Asia subregion was stressed to ensure its sustainable and inclusive development.  

The side event reaffirmed the need to leverage collective action and digital technologies to foster a more inclusive and sustainable future for the Asia-Pacific region. It concluded with a forward-looking invitation to continue vital engagements at the 8th North-East Asia Multistakeholder Forum on Sustainable Development Goals to be held in the Republic of Korea in the second half of 2024.  


Further details are available at the event website:

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