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Library Services

Access & Borrowing

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the United Nations ESCAP Library is currently closed to the public and the services below have been shifted to an online modality. Please contact the Library via email for assistance using our electronic resources or for reference and research support.


The United Nations ESCAP Library welcomes both internal and external clients. For internal clients, access to the Library and services is granted automatically with a UN ground pass. Internal clients include: 

  • Staff members of ESCAP and UN agencies 
  • Retired staff members of ESCAP and UN agencies 
  • Interns and outsourced staff of ESCAP and UN agencies 
  • Member States' Permanent Representatives to ESCAP 
  • Representatives to UN-sponsored meetings 
  • NGOs and media representatives with UN accreditation who are based in Bangkok 

External clients may access the Library but cannot borrow library items. External clients include: 

  • Professors and academics 
  • University-level and graduate students 
  • Independent researchers 

NoteAccess for external clients is granted on a day by day basis. The Library is unable to issue a longer-term Library access pass. Please give at least one week's notice of your intention to visit the Library via email. External clients must also provide an explanation of their research topic and a list of resources required. Requests will be reviewed by the Chief Librarian. 

How to borrow

Before you may borrow items from the Library, please register at the Reference Desk. Once registered, you can borrow books and other publications by bringing them to the Reference Desk, along with your UN grounds pass. 

Interns and outsourced staff can loan books under their supervisor's name, and the supervisor shall take full responsibility of the loaned item. Spouses and dependents may borrow under their family member's name. 

Loan Conditions

A maximum of 20 items may be borrowed at one time. The loan period is 30 days for books and 7 days for journals. Items may be renewed twice unless a reservation, by another client, has been placed on that item. Items are subject to recall at any time. Non-catalogued library items may be borrowed for 2 weeks. Current newspapers may only be borrowed after 3:00pm, and must be returned before 8:00 am the following day. Library clients will be charged for any lost or damaged items. 


If an item that you require is already on loan to another library client, you may contact us to place a reservation on the item. When the item is returned, the Library will contact you, and you may pick up the item from the Reference Desk in the Library. 

Inter-library loans

Material not held within the Library collection may be borrowed or obtained from external library services, subject to availability. 


The United Nations ESCAP Library offers individual coaching or group training sessions for delegates, UN staff and other library clients. Sessions may be organized on various subjects such as UN documentation, advanced research in ODS, and online electronic resources. The Library also holds briefings and longer study tours for interested groups from the Asia-Pacific region. 

Please contact us if you would like to organize a training or briefing.

Library Computers

The United Nations ESCAP Library currently provides one computer workstation and three laptop stations to support the research and learning activities of ESCAP.

You can use the Library's computer to browse our catalogue, access information databases and search the Internet. 

The use of Library equipment and information resources, as well as use of the Internet, for non-authorized, illegal or commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Any act that can obstruct the proper functioning of equipment and information resources (e.g., the modification of installations, the insertion and propagation of computer viruses, changing of passwords, etc.) is forbidden. Clients are not allowed to store their own files on Library computers and are kindly requested to respect intellectual property rights, including international copyright regulations. 


The United Nations ESCAP Library offers complimentary self-service digital scanning for Library clients. For assistance, please contact the Library, or speak with a staff member at the Reference Desk.