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Asia and the drafting of the universal declaration of human rights
This is the first book that explicitly outlines Asian contributions to the elaboration of universal human rights values that were proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948. Evidence of Asia’s contribution from the historical records of the Commission on Human Rights (1946 to 1948) profoundly refutes any remnants of the relativist ‘Asian values’ discourse. Asians shaped the ‘new humanism’ of the UDHR and the universal values that they also brought to bear on the drafting of this document. The book brings this evidence into focus in order to enter them into contemporary human rights discourse in Asia. The book coincides with the 70th anniversary (2018) of the UDHR and contributes to the ongoing global dialogue between states and societies in the development of human rights norms. At this time, the elucidation of the Asian contribution in this work is part of this dialogue.

Call No.: 342.7(5) Ram as 2018

Asian nations and multinationals: overcoming the limits to growth
This edited collection focuses on the policies – at the macroeconomic level – and strategies – at the micro-meso economic levels – that need to be deployed in order to overcome the limits to growth in a post-global financial crisis and export-led growth context. It will be of interest to all scholars of economics, management and the political sciences who work on the economies of East Asia, and also to all those who work on the theme of 'transition economies'.

Call No.: 338.98(5) And as 2018

Blockchain revolution: how the technology behind Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is changing the world
The Internet as we know it is great for collaboration and communication, but is deeply flawed when it comes to commerce and privacy. The new blockchain technology facilitates peer-to-peer transactions without any intermediary such as a bank or governing body. Keeping the user's information anonymous, the blockchain validates and keeps a permanent public record of all transactions. That means that your personal information is private and secure, while all activity is transparent and incorruptible--reconciled by mass collaboration and stored in code on a digital ledger.

Call No.: 332.1:681.14 Tap bl 2018

Extractive industries: the management of resources as a driver of sustainable development
This volume is about the challenges and opportunities facing developing countries in using their extractive industries to achieve inclusive and sustainable development. It recognises explicitly the greatly increased importance of mining, oil and gas in many lower income countries.

Call No.: 622:577.4:338.98 Add ex 2018

The future of capitalism: facing the new anxieties
"Deep new rifts are tearing apart the fabric of Britain and other Western societies: thriving cities versus the provinces, the highly skilled elite versus the less educated, wealthy versus developing countries. As these divides deepen, we have lost the sense of ethical obligation to others that was crucial to the rise of post-war social democracy. So far these rifts have been answered only by the revivalist ideologies of populism and socialism, leading to the seismic upheavals of Trump, Brexit and the return of the far right in Germany. We have heard many critiques of capitalism but no one has laid out a realistic way to fix it, until now.

Call No.: 335.1 Col fu 2018

The myth of capitalism: monopolies and the death of competition
The Myth of Capitalism tells the story of how America has gone from an open, competitive marketplace to an economy where a few very powerful companies dominate key industries that affect our daily lives. Digital monopolies like Google, Facebook and Amazon act as gatekeepers to the digital world. Amazon is capturing almost all online shopping dollars. We have the illusion of choice, but for most critical decisions, we have only one or two companies, when it comes to high speed Internet, health insurance, medical care, mortgage title insurance, social networks, Internet searches, or even consumer goods like toothpaste.

Call No.: 335.1:338.8 Tep my 2019

Towards gender equity in development
As a result of widespread mistreatment and overt discrimination in all dimensions of their lives, women lack significant autonomy. The central preoccupation of this book is to explore key sources of female empowerment and discuss the current challenges and opportunities for the future.

Call No.:396 And to 2018