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This case study on Indonesia strengthens ESCAP's technical and advisory support to member States, aligning closely with ASEAN's commitment to prioritize care in public policy. Building on the success of ESCAP's regional reports on COVID-19 and the unpaid care economy in Asia and the Pacific and Addressing Care Work in ASEAN, launched at the 4th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting in October 2021, this study highlights the importance of the collaborative ASEAN Comprehensive Framework on Care Economy. This framework, developed in partnership with ASEAN countries and various regional and international bodies, including ESCAP, takes a comprehensive approach to care, encompassing direct and relational care work, both paid and unpaid. It also addresses critical areas for a resilient future: skill development, digital transformation, lifelong learning, creativity, social entrepreneurship, and smart cities. The insights gathered from this study, along with ESCAP's additional country case studies, played a crucial role in shaping the ultimate recommendations presented during the recent Regional Forum on Care Work in ASEAN Countries, which took place in Vientiane in 2023.