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This Working Paper gives an overview of how geospatial information and Earth Observation data can be used to produce environment and agriculture statistics and presents specific country examples from Asia and the Pacific. It also provides examples of specific country-led efforts to use Earth Observation data for the compilation of SDG indicators.

This Working Paper is part of ESCAP’s series on the use of non-traditional data sources for official statistics.

The Working Paper is prepared by Irina Bernal, Consultant, UNESCAP Statistics Division, with valuable inputs from Gemma Van Halderen, Director, UNESCAP Statistics Division, Tanja Sejersen, Statistician, UNESCAP Statistics Division, and Rikke Munk Hansen, Chief of Economic and Environment Statistics, UNESCAP Statistics Division. This paper also benefitted from discussions and presentations during Asia-Pacific Stats Cafes held on July 29, 2020, October 14, 2020, and March 15, 2021.This Working Paper is issued without formal editing.

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