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In order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of transport and logistics connectivity within the ESCAP region, ESCAP Transport Division continuously undertakes initiatives, notably in the form of undertaking research and study projects as well as conducting trainings notably through Training-of-Trainers (TOT) program; to improve technical knowledge of the transport and logistics sector and to support human resource capacity-building notably among developing countries in the ESCAP region.

Within the context of the Southeast Asia subregion, Indonesia, the most populous country with the biggest economy in the subregion, faces particular transport and logistics challenges as an archipelagic country formed by thousands of islands. In this connection, ESCAP undertook a study project to collect data and information on the transport and logistics sector in Indonesia and assess logistics performance and identify challenges. It covers the strategic national development plans, including the National Logistics Blueprint; and various initiatives undertaken were analyzed, including target achievements and implementation gaps. Furthermore, examples of national experiences by means of “case studies style analysis” were also undertaken to ensure actual and practical approach of the study project. Outcome of the study project is compiled in this Working Paper.

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