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Asian and Pacific Energy Forum



The Asian and Pacific Energy Forum has been established as the ministerial level platform on promoting regional cooperation for enhanced energy security and the sustainable use of energy in Asia and the Pacific (Commission resolution 67/2). The first Asian and Pacific Energy Forum was convened at the ministerial level in Vladivostok, Russian Federation in May 2013 to review the progress achieved in addressing energy security challenges at the regional, national and household levels, and to facilitate continuous dialogue among member States with a view to enhancing energy security and working towards sustainable development. At the first Asian and Pacific Energy Forum in 2013, member States addressed the concept of “enhanced energy security” in moving beyond conventional short-term calculations of supply and demand. Enhanced energy security takes a more holistic view of energy security based on a long-term perspective. Main outcomes of APEF 2013 were the Ministerial Declaration and Plan of Action on Regional Cooperation for Enhanced Energy Security and the Sustainable Use of Energy in Asia and the Pacific2014-2018.

The Commission decided, by its Resolution 70/9 ‘Implementation of the outcomes of the first Asian and Pacific Energy Forum’, to convene the second Asian and Pacific Energy Forum at the ministerial level in 2018. In its Resolution 73/8 ‘Strengthening regional cooperation for sustainable energy development in Asia and the Pacific’, the Commission further decided to fully prepare for the 2nd Forum and ensured that the preparatory process took into account the progress made in implementing the APEF outcomes and to consider the theme study issued by the Commission at its seventy-third session as well as inputs from all stakeholders from across the region, including Governments, international bodies, the private sector and civil society.