Workshop on Measuring SDG Indicators through Population and Housing Censuses and Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Data (Round 1)

27 Oct 2020 to 30 Oct 2020
Bangkok, Thailand
By invitation only

The Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) and the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) are organizing virtual workshops to discuss benefits and challenges of utilising PHC and CRVS data in monitoring SDGs. Two rounds of identical workshops will be delivered on:

The workshops will also provide a platform to further elaborate on utilising PHC and CRVS statistics for disaggregating SDG indicators and discuss the use of geospatial information and tools for generating relevant SDG indicators from CRVS and census data. Ultimately the workshops will help to achieve a common and improved understanding of definitions and method of computation of SDG indicators.

The following issues will be discussed during the workshops:

  • SDG indicators that can be directly measured or estimated approximately using existing census or CRVS data based on the internationally recommended topics;
  • Challenges related to the use of census and CRVS data for the measurement of indicators and analytical strategies to mitigate or overcome those challenges;
  • Advantages of census and CRVS data for the disaggregation of the SDG indicators and, where applicable, some of the precautions needing to be addressed;
  • Geospatial information and tools for generating and disaggregating SDG indicators using census data.