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30 June to 01 July 2015 | By invitation only

ESCAP Transport Division,along with Trade and Investment Division, Information and Communications Technology and Disaster Risk Deduction Division and other United Nations agencies, is implementing a development account project entitled “Deepening Regional Connectivity: Strengthening Capacity's of Asian Developing Countries to Increase Intra-regional Trade by Implementing Paper-less Trade and Transport Facilitation Systems”. Under the project, Transport Division prepared a study on paper-less transit that was reviewed by an expert group meeting held in October 2014. Based on the comments received and taking study as the base, a guide on paperless transit has been developed for capacity building of government officials to design and implement paper-less transit transport systems. 

The guide contains following modules for paper-less transit transport: (i) Introduction to transit- principles and international arrangements governing transit; (ii) NCTS- the operational paper-less transit systems; (iii) Guarantee management systems for transit; (iv) Risk management systems to support paper-less transit; (v) Institutional arrangements for electronic exchange of data; (vi) Establishing coordination mechanisms to deal with challenges for cooperation among agencies; and (vii) Challenges in establishing paper-less transit systems and possible ways to address them.

The above captioned workshop is being organized jointly with United Nations Asia-Pacific Training Center for Information and Communication Technology for Development ( APCICT) with objective to (a) provide training to the participants to strengthen their capacity to deal with the critical issues in design and implementation of paper-less transit transport systems and (b) ascertain expression of interest among countries for further training on paper-less transit transport systems through national workshop. 

The meeting is expected to be attended by LLDCs and transit countries including India, Kyrgyzstan, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russian Federation and Uzbekistan. 

For more details please contact: Mr. Sandeep Raj Jain, Officer-in-Charge, Transport Facilitation and Logistics Section, Transport Division, ESCAP at [email protected].

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